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Number of stations in Himeji-City
As of August
About Himechari The bicycles can be rented and returned at any of the Himechari cycle stations.
Pricing System
Period Basic fees Additional fees Payment methods
One day ¥100 Unlimited 60-minutes trips with no additional fees during the purchased period.
¥100 additional for every 30-minutes thereafter.
Credit cards
cash + mobile phone
One month ¥1,500
Three months ¥4,000 Credit cards
Six months ¥7,500
  • You need an IC card (pre-paid IC cards for trains and busses) in order to purchase one-month usage, three-months usage or six-months usage.
Operating Hours
7:00 - 20:00 Bicycles can be returned at anytime of the day!
You must at least 13 years of age
Station Map
Contact / Report Trouble(9:00 - 18:00)
Himechari Management Office